Black Belt Memory Workshop

For One Time Only!

February 17th, 1:00PM - 7:30PM Weber State University

How many times has this happened to you? You meet someone, they tell you their name, and two seconds later you can't remember it.

This used to happen to me all the time before I started memory training. Most people that believe they have a bad memory really have an untrained memory. Using the simple memory techniques you will learn in this one day workshop, you will improve your memory by implementing a system to store important pieces of information which you will be able to access on command anytime and anywhere you want to.

I started researching memory training in December of 2016 so I could add feats of memory into my shows, what I didn't realize was how much memory training would impact my every day life. Because of this I spoke with my mentor and two time US Memory Champion, Ron White, about how I could teach his system to others and a partnership was born.

Triple Your Memory

When you attend this 6 hour workshop you will learn the five steps to memorize anything using visual memory, you will learn how to remember names, give speeches or presentations without notes, remember points from a book, numbers, memorize poems, product information, and more.

The Total Price for the workshop is $350. This includes:

  • The workshop
  • Your own personal workbook
  • Dinner
  • All supplemental materials.

We are limiting the Black Belt Memory Workshop to only 40 spots so be sure to reserve yours today

Location Weber State University
Date: February 17 1:00 PM-7:30 PM

Reserve Your Spot Today!

Learn how to remember names of people you meet just like this!

If we do not have 5 registrations by February 10, then the training will be cancelled and those who have paid will receive a refund.

1What methods will we be using?
The system I teach is Ron White's Black Belt Memory system. This uses the memory palace technique.
2I have Alzheimers, will this help me with my memory?
Unfortunately memory training has shown no effect in curbing degenerative brain diseases such as Alzheimers. It does however help with ADD, ADHD, and can help with some TBIs.
3I'm a student, what benefit will I see?
Imagine being able to study for half the time and remember twice as much. We will discuss how to memorize the information you learn in class, memorize a study guide prior to a test, and more.
4I'm a business professional, how will this help me?
As a business professional you can use memory training to remember names of clients and coworkers, give presentations without notes, be able to remember all the points in a sales pitch and so much more.
5How quickly will I be able to use these new techniques?
With memory training the work is all front loaded. Once you put in the work you have the tools for the rest of your life. During this workshop we will do a lot of that work, by the end of the workshop you will have the tools to be able to hear 20 random words or numbers once and remember them all, with a little more practice you will be able to stretch that to 40. In the workshop we will create 30 files. You will have the tools to expand this as much as you would like. My mentor Ron White has 2,200 files and has used these to memorize the names in order of all 2,200 people who died in the Afghanistan war.
6What if it doesn't work for me?
Memory training should work for everyone. We will do a memory test at the beginning to establish a baseline, then throughout the workshop we will do several memory tests so you can see your memory improving as you implement the new techniques. If by the end of the workshop you haven't seen any improvement in your memory you will get a full refund. Most people will see about a 300% increase in memory using the black belt memory system.
7Why did you decide to teach memory training?
I am a believer that in life if we have something that can help others we should do what we can to share that. When I first started memory training it was so I could put some new tricks into my magic show, once I saw how much it helped in my every day life I knew I couldn't keep this gift for myself.


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